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My rules were 1) Pre-WW2. 2) Must be black. 3) Portable manuals only. 4)Aim to keep the typewriter cost lower than the cost of shipping. Of course I now own post-WW2 standards (people just give them to me but I did buy for my Graphika and Lexikon) and I have a 1970s electric portable. Good luck with the typecasting!

Richard L-V

Thanks for sharing the rules you had, Rob. I like the one about keeping the cost of the machine lower than the shipping, but right now I see a couple of really good deals that may make me violate such a rule. But I think I may need to adopt that one once I leave China.

Richard L-V

Excuse me. I think both Rob and I meant that shipping shouldn't cost more than the machine.


Welcome to the typosphere. Looking forward to more posts. If you haven't already, perhaps you can get you blog "registered" on the blog roll at http://typosphere.blogspot.com/?m=0 with other typecasters, it makes for a convenient way to track updates on the typosphere.

Richard L-V

Thank you, Joe. I will look into that.

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